• Q: What is Modular Ferro-Concrete Building System?

  • Ans: The technology has been derived from ferro-cement, an innovation introduced by Pier Luigi Nervi, and conventional reinforced concrete thus the name Ferro- Concrete. It retains the inherent qualities of conventional reinforced concrete, while allowing it to take forms and configurations that are comparatively thin in section, light, rigid and structurally efficient, whether they are prismatic, plain or curved surfaces.

    Because the structure is regarded as a wholistic unit, the system includes at least preferably, all the major elements, namely: the substructure (footing, ground slabs), wall and partitions, upper floor slabs and roofs.

    Besides the consideration of structural efficiency, the building system of Modular Ferro-Concrete (MFC) has addressed the need for simple and practical construction technique adaptable to a developing country like the Philippines.

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